The browse section is used to display fields on the Search Screen.

(To create this..)

Form To Edit (if not this form)

This specifies another forms edit screen that will be loaded once a selection on this Browse Screen is made.

Row Pixel Height

This specifies the number of pixels high each record on the Browse Screen is, if left as zero, the default height will be used.

Rows Per Page

This specifies how many rows are shown per Browse Screen page, the default is 27.


This is the description of the field that the User will see displayed on the Search Screen as a column header.


This is the database field name or Function eg. CONCAT(cus_first_name, cus_last_name).


Option Left/Right/Centre. This will align the Title and display of the field on the Search Screen.


Formats the text displayed as either a number or date. If the option is left blank, then it will be displayed in the same format as it appears in the database. If the field in the database is numeric, you can control the number of decimal places used. If the datatype in the database is in the date format, then you can control the way it's displayed (i.e. 10-Nov-08 or 10-11-08 etc).


This is usually the same field that was used in Display, you may wish to change this in the case of date sorting.

Yes/No. Determines if the field is searchable.


Yes/No. Determines whether the field will be visible.


This option sets the width (1 unit = 16 pixels) for the displayed data.
(The browse screen will automatically get wider if the sum of the column widths exceeds the default width)


This option allows you to set the order; the higher value will be displayed last.

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