The name of the Form.


Title is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of Search Screens and Edit Pages.


The table that is used to search for records on the Search Screen and where records are saved to on the Edit Screen.

Primary Key

This is the Primary Key of the table for this Form. nuBuilder needs this information in-order to save and retrieve a record - we strongly suggest it be varchar(15) and not auto-incrementing.

(DO NOT place an Object for the Primary Key on a Form, as nuBuilder will take care of adding this automatically.)

(If you need it displayed, use a Display Object with a name other than the Primary Key's name)

Refresh After Save

If Yes, the Edit Screen will refresh after a user has clicked the save button, this is the normal behaviour for most Edit Screens.

Used For Report Selection

A form is only used as a Criteria Screen for a report instead of searching and editing records. A Criteria Screen is basically an Edit Screen that does not save records but instead loads a report to run.

Access Without Login

If yes, both the Search Screen and Edit Screen can be accessed without logging into nuBuilder.


The SQL statement used to build the Search Screen.

DO NOT use a SELECT statement inside another SELECT statement here, because nuBuilder can't handle it.

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