Getting Started

There are two main components used in nuBuilder, Forms and Objects.

Forms are used to build Search Screens and Edit Screens. A single Form stores all of the information that is needed for both a Search Screen and it's corresponding Edit Screen.

Search Screens and Edit Screens work together. The Search Screen is used to find a record within a table and the Edit Screen is used to edit the record.

Objects are used to display and edit fields in a table. Objects are linked to Forms. There is normally one Object created for each field in the table.

As an example; to build a screen to display a list of customers the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Create a table with all of the required fields in MYSQL using phpMyAdmin. (see Appendix for recommend database naming conventions)
  2. Create a Form in nuBuilder that uses the table that was created in the above step. This will store all of the information needed to provide a Search Screen and a Edit Screen for the above table.
  3. Create Objects for each field in the above table that a user will edit. These Objects will link to the above Form.
  4. Create an Object that is a button, this will link to the Index Screen. This button will load the customer Form created above.
(To refresh the index page so that the newly created button will be visible, click the banner logo at the top of the Index Screen.)

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