Linux Installation v2.7



nuBuilder requires the following software to be installed before it can used.

* Apache
* PHP (MySQL extension required)
* Postfix (optional)

Emailing reports will require the PHP CURL extension to be installed. Emails can
be sent via a local SMTP server such as Postfix, or they can be sent using a
remote SMTP, `sendmail', or PHP's built-in `mail()' function.



Install and configure Apache, PHP and MySQL, enabling PHP's MySQL extension and
CURL extension if required.

PHP's magic quotes setting needs to be turned off.

Optionally install and configure an SMTP server.


nuBuilder has a global configuration file, `config.php' in the `productionnu2'
directory. It supports the following configuration variables:

$NUGlobeadminPassword = "secret";
$NUPHPExecutable = "/usr/bin/php";
$NUMailMethod = "smtp";
$NUSMTPHost = "";
$NUSMTPUsername = "username";
$NUSMTPPassword = "password";


This is the password for the `globeadmin' user. `globeadmin' is used for
developing nuBuilder applications. This user has a global password, which is
configured here, and also a site specific password, which is configured in the
`config.php' in each site's login directory. Either password can be used for
logging in to each site.


When set to the path of your PHP command line interface, it enables a PHP
syntax check button on the nuBuilder PHP code edit areas.
Note: The variables $NUMailMethod, $NUSMTPHost, $NUSMTPUsername, $NUSMTPPassword,
$NUSMTPUseSSL, and NUSMTPPort are no longer used in nuBuilder. The nuSendEmail() function inside nuBuilder reads these settings from the zzsys_setup table. NuBuilder requires you to enter your SMTP Server information in order to send emails.
Eg. in order to have GMail be your SMTP server, you would enter the following in the Email Settings on the Setup Tab of nuBuilder.
   Auth SMTP username:
   Auth SMTP password:     myPassword
   Auth SMTP host:
   Auth SMTP From Address:
   Auth SMTP From Name:    Company Email
   Auth SMTP port:         465
   Auth SMTP use SSL:      YES

Each nuBuilder site also has it's own `config.php'. It supports the following
configuration variables:

$DBHost = "";
$DBName = "sample";
$DBUser = "sample";
$DBPassword = "samplepass";
$DBGlobeadminPassword = "sampleglobeadmin";


The MySQL server which hosts this site's database.


The name of the database which this site uses.


Any MySQL user which has full permissions on the database specified by
`$DBName'. By default, nuBuilder will not attempt to access any other


The password for the MySQL user specified by `$DBUser'.


An optional `globeadmin' password which is specific to this site. Either this
password or the one specified in the global `config.php' can be used for
logging in as `globeadmin'.

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