PHP Variables


The following six variables are proceeded by '$this->' because they are variables that are part of the PHP class that creates the current form.
Variables used only in 'Custom Code Before Open':

$this->recordID          //ID of the record being displayed
$this->formID            //ID of the form being used to display this record for editing

Variables used only in 'Custom Code Before Open' and related to the User that is logged in:

$this->session_id		 //current session id
$this->access_level		 //access level of User
$this->zzsys_user_id	         //id of User
$this->small			 //if running on a PDA

The following three variables are only usable for the fields 'Custom Code After Save' and 'Custom Code After Delete':


ID of the Record being displayed


ID of the Form being used to save/delete this record


Array of all fields from saved Form e.g.



This is an array of the Variables from the selection Form, created prior to running an activity.


This is a list of the variables about the User logged in

$globalValue['session_id']              //current session id
$globalValue['access_level']            //access level of User
$globalValue['zzsys_user_id']           //id of User
$globalValue['zzsys_user_group_name']   //group name the User belongs to
$globalValue['small']                   //if running on a PDA

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