Button Tab

Button Objects can be added to an Edit Screen, however unlike an Action Button they sit below the Tab area.
If no co-ordinates are assigned for a Button Object it will be automatically be allocated a spot based on its Column and Order number.

Button Top

This is the top co-ordinate for the button in pixels.

Button Left

This is the Left co-ordinate for the button in pixels.
NOTE : If both the Button Top and Button Left are set to zero, they go in the order of the other controls.


This sets the width of the Button.
NOTE : In order for the Object to display it must be assigned a length.

Form To Launch Via Browse

If the Button is to be used to launch a Form, this is where you select the Form to launch.

Default Filter For Browse Screen

This feature is used to filter results in a List Form. Whatever is entered into this field is searched by default when the browse screen loads, just as if it were typed into the Browses' search field.

It can also contain hash variables.

Record ID

If the Button is to go straight to a Record, place the Record ID here. Leave this field blank if the Button is going to launch a Search Screen.

It can also contain hash variables.

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