Display Tab

This allows you to create a non-editable text field which is populated by an SQL query. (Hash Variables are allowed here: see Appendix for Hash Variables)


Option Left/Right/Centre. This will align the text to the selected option.


This sets the width of the Display field.

SQL to Display

This is the SQL statement that would retrieve the data to display in the Display Object (Hash Variables are allowed here: see Appendix for Hash Variables).


SELECT cus_address FROM customer
INNER JOIN job ON customer_id = job_customer_id
WHERE job_id = '#id#' ''

If, for example, we had a Edit Form for a Job.

Using the SQL above we can display the customer address even though it is not a field in the underlying record of the Job Edit Form.

(Only the first field from the first record will be displayed from the query's result.)

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