Drop Down Tab

There are two major components in the Dropdown Object, the Option and Description. The Option component is the hidden value that the User doesn’t see and is saved to the database, the Description is the displayed value but not saved to the database.
e.g. a typical Yes/No Dropdown Object would have the following values:

Option = ‘0’ Description = ‘No’
Option = ‘1’ Description = ‘Yes’

The Dropdown Object is populated using an SQL query, you must select two fields, the first being the hidden Option, the second being the Description (Hash Variables are allowed here: see Appendix for Hash Variables).

For more information please refer to Section 6.1 Lists

Default Value Sql

The SQL statement that sets the Default value when the Dropdown Object is displayed. This is done by selecting the Option value of the Dropdown.
e.g. The following SQL would set the default Dropdown value to “Yes”.


This sets the width of the Dropdown.

Stop Blanks

This stops the User leaving the Dropdown blank when the record is saved.

Stop Duplicates

This stops the User from saving an option that is already saved in the database.

Read Only

This stops the User from making any selection.


The SQL statement that populates the Dropdown (Hash Variables are allowed here: see Appendix for Hash Variables).

The following SQL statement would populate the Dropdown Object with two options; “Yes” & “No”
SELECT sli_option, sli_description FROM zzsys_list WHERE sli_name = ‘answer’

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