nuBuilder is a web-based database application platform. nuBuilder can be utilised to develop a wide variety of applications such as accounting systems, CRM systems and any other system that would require a database to store information.

Users can log into nuBuilder to find, edit and create records, they can also view reports and graphs, or export data in csv format.

Developers also log into nuBuilder to build the following:
  1. Edit Screens which are used by end users to view and update information.
  2. Search Screens which are used to find records to edit.
  3. Reports which display a more complex view of information, these may also include graphs.

The report building functionality incorporated into nuBuilder allows the application to automatically generate well formatted documents to make business management quicker and simpler. These documents can include, but are not limited to, invoices, job quotes, customer or product details, and business activity reports.

nuBuilder uses a security model where each user who logs into a nuBuilder system can only access information that they are allowed to see. System Administrators can quickly and easily create/delete/edit user accounts, and modify the access levels and user group permissions associated with these users.

nuBuilder enables developers to quickly build database applications without metaphorically re-inventing the wheel.

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