Using The Report Writer

New Object

Place a new object in the Detail Section.

Clone Object

This will clone the currently selected Object and place it slightly offset to the right and below.

Adjust Objects

The Adjust Objects window allows you to move or resize 2 or more objects to match each other, space 3 or more objects out with an even separation between them, or change the display order in the case of overlapping objects. You can hold CTRL and click multiple objects to select them together.

Adjust To.. (2 or more objects are selected)

Evenly Space.. (3 or more selected objects)
Horizontal Spacing
Vertical Spacing

Order.. (1 or more selected objects)
Bring To Front
Send To Back

Sections / Sort

Allows grouping and sorting on up to 8 fields.
With the ability to change the background color and height for each as well as Report, Page and Detail Sections.

Object Properties

Display property window for selected Object(s). The different object types are Field, Label, Graph, and Pagebreak.

Field Object

There are 3 Functions that can be used in a Fields's Value.

Now() which will return 08:36:56


Sum(a) and Percent(a,b)

Both are for use in Header Sections or Footer Sections

Sum(a) will add all of the rows of a together for that section.

Percent(a,b) will essentially evaluate as Sum(a) / Sum(b) for that section.

Label Object

There are 2 hash variables that can be used in a Label's Value.

#thePageNumber# and #totalNumberOfPages#

Used together in a value of Page #thePageNumber# of #totalNumberOfPages#

Will result in something like Page 4 of 10

Graph Object

The Graphics dropdown in the Object Properties dialog box contains a list of graphics in the form of graphics saved via the Image Button on the Setup Tab or graphs created in the Report Graph tab of current Add Activity Edit Screen.

In a report, parameters can be passed using the Parameters field in Object Properties in the format as the querystring of a url eg. customer_id=#customer_id# , this means using #customer_id# in the Graph Code area of the applicable Report Graph.
This way a graph can change as customer_id changes throughout the report.

PageBreak Object

Report Properties

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