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creating a database copy

PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:02 am
by mlawton
Using nuAdmin I just tried to create a copy of my production database. I've done this successfully once before, creating idcprodmodbackup as a copy of idcprodmod. This time I deleted idcprodmodbackup first (since I do not need it now), and then created idcprodmodbackup2 from idcprodmod. Once these steps were completed however, the list of databases still includes idcprodmodbackup and does not include idcprodmodbackup2. If I click on the link to idcprodmodbackup, it works and prompts me to log into the database. If I manually type in idcprodmodbackup2 in the URL after, it takes me to the login page for idcprodmod - the production version of the database. This is confusing and concerning. I'd like to make a backup copy of the current production database before I apply changes I have made in the development version to the production version. I need to make these changes asap.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.