Choose the Form Table on demand; one form-->multiple tables

Choose the Form Table on demand; one form-->multiple tables

Postby banayotti » Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:24 am

I made a form which is linked to a table (say table1); this works great: I can, add, edit and delete records from the table linked to this form.
From what I understood so far while experimenting with nuBuilder, is that the table is "statically" linked to the form (SELECT * FROM table1).
But I wanted to be able to edit another table, or actually multiple tables, from the same form; without having to re-create the form.
So I cloned table1 outside nuBuilder (phpmyadmin), and created table2, table3, etc.
Every time, I want to use a different table, I manually go to the form and edit the SQL statement:
SELECT * FROM table2 , or SELECT * FROM table3 , and so on.

I searched the forums, hoping that I can find a way to call the form (thru "Open Form Button", or another object) and pass the "table name" as a variable, but couldn't find a clear answer, or possibly didn't use the correct search terms.

What I would really like to do from within nuBuilder is to be able to:
1- Call a form from an object (button), while passing the "table name" I want to use, as a variable to this form
2- Clone the table linked to the form, either structure only (empty, i.e. start from scratch), or structure + data (start from an already filled table); this is not very important at the moment as it is easy to do from phpmyadmin, but it could be a nice feature.

If this is something that can currently be done, could you please point me to the right direction/post or documentation.

Thank you kindly.
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Re: Choose the Form Table on demand; one form-->multiple tab

Postby admin » Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:26 pm

banayotti ,

Sorry but nuBuilder uses only 1 table on a form unless you add subforms.

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