Support for in-house hosted application

Support for in-house hosted application

Postby anil » Thu Dec 08, 2016 10:51 am


I am new to nuBuilder, yesterday installed nubuilder on my local and played with it little bit and am impressed with my first experience of creating an application. I did run into few issues and was able to figure out. I do have few questions (sorry am combining several questions here, let me know if I should separate them)

1. I know there is support available if we use nusoftware hosting environment but if I decide to host in-house, can I buy professional support to help with any issues that we may run into? I understand that this forum is going to be resourceful and helpful but would like to explore if nusoftware is offering any professional support.
2. Is there a way to create an application by importing a spreadsheet?
3. Can I have same db table as source for multiple forms? This is primarily to create multiple layouts/forms for same data source in order to provide customized views for various user groups
4. Can I have specific form(s) visible to specific users/groups? Currently all forms are being shown to all users but when user clicks on it, an error message pops up if that particular user doesn't have access to the specific form.
5. When two users are trying to edit something simultaneously, does system prevent overrides and provide locking mechanism at field level?
6. Change Log - does system keep track of who changed what and when?
7. Drop down values - Can we have a static list of values for a drop down? It appears that systems is trying to get the drop down values list from a db table. Trying to have hard coded list of values vs dynamic db driven list
8. Is there a way for a regular user (meaning users with just ability to access one or more forms and add/edit/delete data as permitted) to change the layout of the form/table in terms of columns order/positioning etc.? Also is there a way to save that changed layout so that whenever this same user logs in, he/she will see this saved layout. And it shouldn't impact other users who has access to this same form?

Thank you and hoping to see some responses as we are trying to evaluate and adopt a tool for rapid development of small applications.

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Re: Support for in-house hosted application

Postby admin » Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:56 am


Sorry its taken this long to respond. (I'm working on version 4)

To answer your questions...

1. Commercial Support.
2. No, but version 4 will (about 6 months away)
3. Sorry, I don't understand.
4/5. Yes you can create Access Levels.
6. In a way, you can..
7. Yes.
8. No there isn't. Only globeadmin can.

If you have more questions can you ask them in an appropriate section of the forum. (I know you mentioned it earlier)

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