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Styling of a helpbutton on homeform

PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 6:54 pm
by kokarman

First of all my appreciation for the nuBuilderPro software.
Lean, robuste and free, I still can't believe!
Thanks a lot.

For an institute for disadvantaged children in Amsterdam I built a registration system.
Added helpbuttons on several forms to redirect the users to the respective items of the help-documents form.
To separate them visually I gave them a green color.
(With jQuery on the custom code -> java script tab: $('#helpBtn').css('background-color','#7CC342');)
Now I wanted to place a few on the homeform as well but I there the color stayed blue.
What is the code I need and where to locate it?
In Chrome wedeveloper plugin it's easily to simulate but my jQuery knowledge in manipulating the DOM is still not sufficient.

Thanks in advance,
Ko Karman