Some sort of bug : corrupted translations

Some sort of bug : corrupted translations

Postby fat115 » Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:10 am

Hi all,
Is there someone here who could tell Shane 'gelvo' Gelven that each time he commits sql files nubuilder.sql & nu_template.sql on the github repo, it corrupts contents of the table zzzsys_translate ?
It begins with weird characters replacing non-ASCII ones and then it grows at each commit.
Example with a russian string :
Code: Select all
INSERT INTO `zzzsys_translate` VALUES ('56c3069cad02e02','ru','Report','ÃÃ','2016-02-16 14:23:08','globeadmin','2016-02-16 14:23:08','globeadmin','2016-02-16 14:23:10','globeadmin'),

Below are nubuilder.sql and nu_template.sql from 'last' commit ( ... 7a87e59980 ) with correct translations.
The third file contains only the dump for the table zzzsys_translate.
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