Stable repo nubuilder4.sql cleanup

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Stable repo nubuilder4.sql cleanup

Unread postby apmuthu » Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:38 am

Invalid field values in stable repo nubuilder.sql file have been fixed and committed in my repo.

In the zzzzsys_form table, sfo_code = zzzzsys_form_id for all system forms.
The kinds of `zzzzsys_form_id` that has only blank `sob_all_table` field value are:
Code: Select all
SELECT * FROM zzzzsys_form WHERE sfo_type = 'launch';

The following sob_all_table field values can be blanked out in the zzzzsys_object table:
Code: Select all
SELECT * FROM `zzzzsys_object`
  WHERE `sob_all_zzzzsys_form_id` IN
    (SELECT zzzzsys_form_id FROM `zzzzsys_form` WHERE sfo_type='launch')
  AND COALESCE(sob_all_table,'') <> '';

The following sob_browse_sql field values in zzzzsys_form table can be blanked too:
Code: Select all
SELECT zzzzsys_form_id, sfo_type, sfo_code, sfo_description, sfo_table, sfo_browse_sql
FROM `zzzzsys_form` WHERE sfo_type='launch' and sob_all_type <> 'run' AND COALESCE(sfo_browse_sql, '') <> '';

Remove records with blank sph_php field in table zzzzsys_php with:
Code: Select all
SELECT * FROM `zzzzsys_php` WHERE COALESCE(`sph_php`, '') = '';
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