nuBuilder v4.5 - improved speed

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nuBuilder v4.5 - improved speed

Postby Janusz » Tue Jan 12, 2021 7:41 am

Just to share with you some observation related to speed improvement after update to nuBuilder v4.5.

Besides my Debian VPS production server I use locally 10years old Netbook with the very weak Intel Atom processor (running Debian) just for tests and archiving purposes.

One of my application has many tabs and iframes on the nuuserhome and to load it on my intel atom I needed to wait about 5sec to have everything loaded after start or after refresh.
(on the production server - that DB was always working fast )

But when I test that DB with the v4.5 code - then my intel atom is working very fast and I am not noticing any delay at all :D

So if you experience some speed problems on existing databases - then it's worth to think about an upgrade to v4.5.

On the existing applications it might not be just plug and play operation if you have specific functions added or original code modified/adjusted - what for example was in my case.
SO before upgrading production versions - you need to test it and adjust you code if necessary.
nuBuilder v4.5 is working fine with PHP8 - already switched all my servers to that version - if you have your own specific php procedures they might require some update as well.
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Re: nuBuilder v4.5 - improved speed

Postby kev1n » Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:03 pm

Hi Janusz,

Thanks for sharing this with us! We are constantly striving to improve the performance and quality of nuBuilder.
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Re: nuBuilder v4.5 - improved speed

Postby apmuthu » Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:31 am

The color and translation strings lookups have been speededup and removal of duplicate translation strings have done the job.

My fork's nub4fixes folder(attached herein) can be used to overwrite existing stable 4 version without upgrade to 4.5 for these speedup benefits.
Updates for Stable v4 (do not use with v4.5)
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