Announcement for future downloads of nuBuilder-Forte

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Announcement for future downloads of nuBuilder-Forte

Postby shane » Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:49 am

We have decided to remove the public link to the nuBuilder Forte project on Github

Instead we will make nubuilder-forte available only from SourceForge (

The reasons for the changes are as followed:

1) SourceForge provides better stats
2) We can make as many changes to the Github project behind the scene as we need and only when we are happy that it is stable, we can then release an update to SourceForge, this we means better quality control.
3) It keeps things simple to have a single location to download the project from.
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Re: Announcement for future downloads of nuBuilder-Forte

Postby ARWEN » Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:33 pm


From a user perspective, I think that's a step back.


Previously, you could see which files were changed and what was changed. Now not any more. You first have to download a zip file and then find files in it that all have the same timestamp.
It's no longer possible to use "SVN Update" to fetch just the changes.

Why is that important? I want to know which files have changed and what has changed.
Before updating nuBuilder I need to undestand these changes and check if they also work for me or if changes are required.

Maybe I'm making it too complicated or there are other possibilities at Sourceforge.

Please advise, thank you!
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