Change password not working!

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Change password not working!

Postby marc » Fri May 10, 2019 1:49 pm


As a user, I cannot change my password in the "Change Login" menu. I enter my old PW, then the new one twice. "Password changed" (or similar) appears. When I log in, only the old password works. The new password will not be accepted.

Does this work for you :?:
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Re: Change password not working!

Postby Janusz » Fri May 10, 2019 3:01 pm

In my case the standard solution for password change is not working for users. The window is not appearing - but in your case I understand it does. So maybe not exactly the same case. But anyway here is the solution I did and works perfectly.

I prepared additional simple form with code taken from globeadmin User form and it works without any problem from users login.


Code: Select all
FROM zzzzsys_user
LEFT JOIN zzzzsys_access ON zzzzsys_access_id = sus_zzzzsys_access_id
ORDER BY sus_name

PHP before save
Code: Select all
if('#check_password#' != ''){
    if('#new_password#' != '#check_password#'){
        nuDisplayError('<b>Enter New Password</b> and <b>Reenter New Password</b> must match');

PHP after save
Code: Select all
if('#check_password#' != ''){

   $pw   = md5('#check_password#');
   nuRunQuery("UPDATE zzzzsys_user SET sus_login_password = '$pw' WHERE zzzzsys_user_id = '#RECORD_ID#'");

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