SOLVED: Assign Multiple Access Levels per User

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SOLVED: Assign Multiple Access Levels per User

Unread postby pmjd » Fri Sep 10, 2021 8:42 am

I just wrote a long post asking about adding a feature to allow adding multiple Access Levels per User, then had a lightbulb moment and realised it wasn't needed and could be achieved already :oops:

So just putting this here incase it helps anyone.

I have 3 access levels in my nuBuilder Project (Add, Add/Edit, Add/Edit/Delete), and has gone from about 5 forms to around 20 forms as things and people's request to include stuff has increased. People can have different access levels per form, as someone may be at trainee level in one and admin in another.
So with 4 access levels (no access, to levels 1-3) and 20 forms, you would have to build an awful lot of Access Levels in nuBuilder to accomodate all the possible combinations (4 to the power of 20 , - 1 to be exact) but that would not be feasible.

Then it hit me, just setup an Access Level per user! That way you can tailor the Access control fot that specific user. Even have a template Access Level for a particular job role, clone that and tweek for the specific employee as needed and training progresses.

This is probably quite obvious to many but it wasn't immediately obvious to me.

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