First time user of reports (and bug in commit dfcfc5b4accb)

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First time user of reports (and bug in commit dfcfc5b4accb)

Postby Rolf » Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:28 am

I am only trying out nubuilder report function, please bear with me. I created a very simple report of a very simple MySQL view containing only two columns, Name and Amount. I want to use the report to get a total of Amount over all Names. I used the Report Builder and FR0 was created.

When I run the report, I essentially get a blank page. The breadcrumbs show "Home ► Run Report ► Check Total". Is that to be expected? When I use Ctrl+Shift+R to reload (or the equivalent entry in the three-dot-menu) this changes to "Home ► Run Report ► Blank". Seems at least odd to me. When I am on the page with "Home ► Run Report ► Check Total" I noticed a small button with "Run" at the top of the page and that indeed finally seems to run the report (why this additional step?). That's when I ran into a bug apparently introduced in commit dfcfc5b4accb. Unless I revert that commit, I get an error "TCPDF ERROR: The font definition file has a bad format: /var/www/nubuilder4/tcpdf/fonts/uni2cid_ac15.php".

$ file tcpdf/fonts/uni2cid_ac15.php
tcpdf/fonts/uni2cid_ac15.php: PHP script, ASCII text, with very long lines

Can I just run the report without creating a PDF? How do I get nubuilder to show me a list with all Names, their Amount and then a total of Amount over all Names in the most simple way (as in not requiring two clicks, for example)?
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Re: First time user of reports (and bug in commit dfcfc5b4ac

Postby admin » Sat Nov 03, 2018 6:36 am


You said...

ASCII text, with very long lines

You'll have to take that up with the people that wrote TCPDF.

You may need to try an earlier commit of nubuilder4 to fix the font thing.

In respect to Running a Report, you are doing it the correct way, I'm sorry you think its odd.

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