Build String for Report fields

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Build String for Report fields

Postby fpdragon » Tue Jun 25, 2019 8:09 pm


I noticed that there are to ways to place a text into a report:

Field Object
Label Object

I do know that I can print data using multiple Field Objects and placing them with coordinates on different positions. But what if I want to concatenate some data fields to one string and place it in the end in one text area.

I noticed that something similar is done in the page Footer by using hash cookies (?!) in one label object.
Label Object: "Printed : #day#-#month#-20#year# #hour#:#minute#:#second#"
But currently I haven't found out if I can use data values instead of these automatically created cookie values.

And a small additional question:
How can I add a forced return to a Label Object?

Thank you!
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