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Error on creating a New site

PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:06 pm
by jmatos

I'm trying to use a NAS Synology DS210j for hosting my site/nubuilder.
It comes with Apache/MySQL/PHP and I added phpMyAdmin.
I've untar the tar.gz with the command tar -xzvf nubuilder.... (the busybox tar doesn't allow the --strip-components=1).
I renamed the nubilder... dir to nub.
I created a new blank directory under <webroot>/nub/db called tl.
I created the 3 php files inside it (<webroot>/nub/db/tl) as indicated in ... uilderDocs, changing the required $dbfolder in index.php and the config.php variables to the correct values.
I created the blank database (tl) using phpMyAdmin.
I've ran the command /usr/syno/mysql/bin/mysql -uroot -p<rootpw> < vanilla.sql.
I've changed the php.ini to the requirements indicated by the <webroot>/nb/setup.php.

I found 2 problems:

1. The index.php has "<x>" between "on" and "load" in the body line. I removed it and now the page shows correctly.
2. When I ran the vanilla.sql it returned the error "ERROR 1046 (3D000) at line 22: No database selected". I added the command 'USE tl' before the first "DROP TABLE" line and ran it again, this time with success.

After all this, I accessed the <webroot>/nub/db/tl and it shows the page requesting the username and password but when I try to login using root or globeadmin it always returns this error "Could not select database".

Am I missing any step?

The tl database is stored in the mysql datadir. Does it have to be in the <webroot>/nub/db/tl directory?