Help with a timeline

Help with a timeline

Unread postby johnbertell » Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:48 pm

I have a customer who wish to show a timeline on a form showing events in a sliding timeline. I have looked for a good tool that could be included in a form, but have had to accept that it goes outside my technical knowledge to make it work.
I have looked at these nice sliding timelines, which both seem to do the trick:
I have made a table where events can be put in and then these would be displayed on the timeline. Different types of events would be shown either as different colors or on separate timelines, and the different vessels (ships) would be shown as different bands on the timeline.

Code: Select all
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `tankbulk`.`calendar` (
  `calendar_id` VARCHAR(36) NOT NULL,
  `ca_datefrom` DATE NULL,
  `ca_dateto` DATE NULL,
  `ca_type` VARCHAR(36) NULL,
  `ca_vessels_id` VARCHAR(36) NULL,
  `ca_foreign_id` VARCHAR(36) NULL,
  `ca_link` VARCHAR(255) NULL,
  `ca_created` DATETIME NULL,
  `sys_user_id` VARCHAR(36) NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`calendar_id`))

My client is paying for this project, so I wonder if anyone in the community would be interested in doing some paid consultancy work on this? In such case contact me on my email address:
Or if you have some general advice, please comment here. I will share the result here later so it can be used by anyone.
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