Sermon database for preachers

Sermon database for preachers

Postby DennisMe » Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:05 pm

I made this very basic sermon database so preachers can easily look up when and where they once held a particular sermon. Yes the DRY pattern applies to other areas besides software design ;-) They can take notes per venue and per sermon.

This database can be used to make sure a preacher doesn't accidentally preach on the same subject (or worse, hold the same basic sermon) for the same congregation twice. This is particularly important if the preacher in question travels to a lot of different churches / venues.

They can also search on a particular bible passage and it will alert them to the existence of these texts in their other sermons which they can then look to for inspiration or to avoid at all costs (whichever the case may be ;-)

The database uses NuBuilder's inbuilt multi user capabilities to potentially be a robust cloud application. At the moment is is only in private use / testing because I can't provide the support I expect this target audience will need.

Thanks, NuBuilder for making this possible.
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