nuBuilder WP plugin with WP multisite

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nuBuilder WP plugin with WP multisite

Postby ncraig » Tue May 14, 2019 3:37 am

First, I want to say thank you for building what looks to be a really useful database tool and for making it accessible from WordPress. I've been searching for a tool like nuBuilder for weeks--something to make a front end and reports from a mySQL DB. I was extremely excited to see it could run as a WP plugin which is ideal for our purposes.

I'm running a WP 5.2 multisite and PHP 7. I tried installing the nuBuilder Forte 1.5 WP plugin. After install, I tried activating from within one of the individual sites, and got a blank screen when I hit the Start nuBuilder button. I think the issue was the path to the plugin. Thus, I deactivated the plugin from within the individual site and went to the multisite network admin interface. From there, I performed a network activation. This seemed to point to the correct path to the plugin. From network activation, I got the nuBuilder menu item in the network admin panel, but not one in an individual site. From the network admin panel, I again pressed the Start nuBuilder button. This time, it took me to the initial dashboard. For a short time, I was able to navigate to some of the different parts of nuBuilder but after several clicks the screen again goes blank. Reloading doesn’t bring the content back. From the multisite network admin interface, I network deactivated and reactivated. Then I can again Start nuBuilder, it works for a couple of screens and then goes blank again.
Are there any suggestions for running unBuilder on a multisite? Should I try installing the plugin under a specific sub site? Or is the plugin unlikely to run under a multi-site. Thanks for any suggestions of thoughts on this issue. I’m keen to use the tool. If I can’t make it work under WP, I may attempt to install it as standalone database.

I’m currently running CiviCRM out of this network and based on suggestions I read, it seems preferable. If I can get nuBuilder working, the DB may grow, and perhaps its preferable to have is separate from the WP database. If there are perspectives or thoughts on this, I’d be curious to hear.
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Re: nuBuilder WP plugin with WP multisite

Postby admin » Tue May 14, 2019 7:06 am


The nuBuilder plugin has only tested on a single site.

The main problem being that importing users from WordPress user tables may end up with non-unique records.

And nuBuilder needs these to provide users with the correct Access Levels.

If you don't need users logging in and you mainly need to create Reports, you could use the standalone version nuBuilder.

I have not heard of this happening before...

Then I can again Start nuBuilder, it works for a couple of screens and then goes blank again.

Could you provide a video?

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